Unlock Your Child's Potential and Joy Through Dance at Onyx Stars, of Dothan

Discover our comprehensive dance programs designed to nurture talent, build confidence, and achieve excellence in every step. Join our community in Dothan, Alabama, and let us help you shine!

Helping Your Child Overcome Challenges and Embrace Their Dance Dreams

Is your child feeling stuck in their dance journey? Maybe they're frustrated by slow progress, worried about fitting in, or dreaming of hitting the stage with confidence. We understand these struggles and are here to support them. At Onyx Stars Dance Center, we create a nurturing environment where their fears transform into hopes and their aspirations become achievements. Let us help your child turn their dance dreams into reality.

Why Choose Onyx Stars?

Onyxstars Dance Center

A Safe Space to Thrive:

Your child deserves a safe, nurturing space where they can be themselves. At Onyx Stars, we foster a sisterhood and brotherhood where young dancers support and uplift one another. This is more than just a dance class; it's a community.

Onyxstars Dance Center

Inclusive and Affordable:

We understand the struggle to find affordable dance programs that embrace diversity. Onyx Stars is here to bridge that gap. Our mission is to provide an inclusive environment where African American children and kids from all backgrounds can learn and grow together.

Onyxstars Dance Center

Motivated and Passionate Instructors:

Our instructors come from various backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experience and passion to inspire your child. They are dedicated to helping each child discover their potential and pursue their passion for dance.

Onyxstars Dance Center

Keep Your Child Engaged and Out of Trouble:

Our structured programs keep children engaged, focused, and off the streets. Through dance, we cultivate discipline, creativity, and a strong sense of self-worth.

My baby has grew up on this time team physically emotionally and dance technique has grew exponentially every year since the age of 5 and now 13. This dance team is a great way for a child to grow social skills and stay active and healthy.

Deneliah Brown

Onyxstars Dance Center

Transform Your Child's Life

Imagine seeing your child's face light up with joy as they dance confidently, surrounded by friends who support and accept them. At Onyx Stars, this vision becomes a reality. Our community is built on love, acceptance, and a shared passion for dance.

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Watch Our Story

Be inspired to explore the art of dance. Find out what motivated dancers from various backgrounds to pursue their passion. Let the power of movement ignite your imagination, as you hear their stories of dedication and success. Discover how each dancer found a unique way to express themselves and carve out a career in this ever-evolving field. Learn how they overcame challenges and made an impact in the world through dance. Be inspired to find your own creative voice and create your own story with movement.

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